Using the Recipe Clipper

The recipe clipper bookmarklet allows you to copy recipes directly into your One tsp. account with a single click.

Once you set it up the bookmarklet in your browser, you can collect recipes from many popular recipe web sites. We are frequently adding new sites to the list that is supported for the recipe clipper.

The clipper copies the most important details for each recipe into your account for easy lookup and viewing later on your desktop computer or mobile phone, without any ads, surveys, or pop-ups getting in the way. Once you've clipped a copy you can edit the recipe to your liking within One tsp., and save any notes or modifications you've made for future reference.

A link back to the original recipe is always included in clipped recipes, allowing you to refer back to the original.

Adding Recipes By Hand

For sites that are not supported by the clipper, you can copy-and-paste the recipes from other sites (or anywhere else) right into the Add Recipe form.

This process is a little more tedious, but you are only required to add a title, ingredients, and instructions to any new recipe. So only copy the parts you care about.