For most cases, you do not need to provide any special formatting for your recipes. If you enter your ingredients and instructions line-by-line, they will be formatted properly when displayed on the site.

If you would like additional formatting, including bold, italics, or hyperlinks to other web pages, you can make use of Markdown formatting, which is an alternative to learning to write HTML.

star Sections that allow Markdown formatting are denoted with a star.


Use asterisks to make **bold** and *italicized* text.


Link to other pages or recipes using square brackets for the link name, and parenthesis around the URL. Be sure not to include any spaces around the square brackets or parentheses.

This recipe pairs well with [delicious mojitos](


Add sub-headings within your recipes using '#' characters:

Chop all vegetables into tiny little bits.
Mix together in a bowl!
Place all liquid ingredients in a blender.
Blend on high until well mixed.

Note that the site automatically formats the ingredients and directions sections of your recipes, so remember to enter each step on a separate line.