The Recipe Clipper is a great tool for collecting recipes from other web sites so you can find them within your personal recipe collection at One tsp. But the Recipe Clipper doesn't work perfectly with every site. Roughly 1/4 of the recipes that our members clip cannot be extracted properly and added as a full recipe. That's why we've added Recipe Bookmarks.

Recipe Bookmarks

When the Recipe Clipper fails to collect all of the details (ingredients, instructions, yield, etc.) from a recipe you've clipped, we try to just extract the title and a photo for the recipe as a "bookmark" so you can still find these recipes later. Recipe Bookmarks will show up alongside other recipes you search for within your collection, and you can add your own tags to these recipes to categorize them as you would any other recipe.

If you decide you want to manually copy the details (ingredients, instructions, yield, etc.) of a recipe into the Recipe Bookmark, just click the "Edit Recipe" button and make any changes you want.

We frequently update the Recipe Clipper to support additional sites. When this happens, we will try to re-clip any bookmarks you have in your account, changing them from bookmarks into full recipes.